Replacing Audio by Phone is an extremely simple way to update and replace files published on the web, email or on AudioAcrobat Sizzle Lines -- without having to swap code or update URLs.

Simply dial-in and record your new audio.  After saving, all locations where the original file was published as streaming audio will instantly update to reflect the new version.

Need to revert to an earlier version?

Not a problem, we've got you covered!

Works great for:

  • Tip of the Day

  • Website Greetings

  • Sales Page Incentives

  • ...and More!


Take a 30-Day Free Trial today and see just how easy it is!

 Replace Audio by Phone

  Dial-in to record and instantly replace files published as streaming audio on the web.












  • Works with any phone

  • Dial-in from any location

  • No "code swapping"

 Publish your AudioAcrobat recordings to iTunes and WomensRadio for FREE!